Great Shrewsbury Run


“Twenty local schools took part in a challenge to run 25,000 miles around the world in October last year.

This outstanding combined effort by about 4,000 children took place on individual school sites and representatives from all schools also travelled to Prestfelde who hosted  the public event covered by local press and radio.  It was a beautiful day and one on which to be so proud of all of the children taking part.  Every penny that every child made makes a difference, but exceptional fund raising efforts from Meole Brace juniors and Harlescott and Bicton deserve special mention.  Thank you to children from Adcote, Prestfelde, Longnor, Mount Pleasant, Meole Brace, Harlescott, St Winefrides, Mereside, Gange, Sundorne, Belvidere, Oak Meadow, Hope, Bicton and Worthen.  They were aided with extra miles from some of the senior schools too – Shrewsbury, Meole Brace, Sundorne, Grange, Corbett and Priory schools, and Abberley, Barrow and St Georges.

What an incredible team effort, raising a monumental figure in excess of £10,000!


Schools all over the county have been busy

Abraham Darby School are still bringing funds in from their “Everest Walk” (running up the stairs at school until they have between them climbed 8,878m the height of Everest!) and other activities.

Longden primary school took part in a stunning WEEK of sporting activity back in 2014.  Starting with an archery tournament which was not a whole school activity but saw two individual gold medals and runners up for the team, they moved on to an array of different activities.  Every class took part in a “going for goals” challenge which saw an amazing 770 goals scored!! – in netball, basketball, football and hockey.  Three teams have helped each other to row 2014 metres leading to a total of 6,042 meters rowed in 90 minutes, and in addition to this 5,386 skips and 5,075 steps – what a memorable week for them and a wonderful sporting achievement.

Broseley and Coalbrookdale Schools

Both schools in Broseley set themselves K12 challenges back in 2014/15.  Dark Lane took part in a sponsored walk, raising £216 and John Wilkinson took that up to almost £1,000 by adding £650 from their own sponsored walk and “big play” activities.  The children all had a great time and were proud to be part of this team effort.

Faye James was 11 years old when she cycled 30km from Ironbridge to Bridgnorth and back. She got the ball rolling for Coalbrookdale School and raised over £100 by herself.

Thomas Telford School took part in a variety of sporting challenges and raised £300.00 for K12.


Partridge Canoeing Success

Partridge canoeing photos

Jimmy Partridge and friends canoed the river Severn for K12 and his cousin Ben Stimpson also raised money with him.

  Ben, aged 10 quoted ” I knew it was going to be hard work, but it was harder than I could ever imagine, I feel that I have done something really good to help raise money and help children less able than myself, I feel very proud”.

Jimmy Partridge age 16 ” that was the most exhilarating challenge I have ever done, what a great feeling! and knowing it was for a very worthy cause”.

Thank you to both of them


Kinver Freeliners Junior section
Here is the report on Kinver Junior Fishing Challenge:
As you are probably aware the weather was atrocious yesterday and did its best to try to put a dampener on proceedings, but sadly it failed. Every one of the juniors that turned up had a fantastic time!!!!  Despite the poor weather, we still have around 15 juniors taking part in the match.
We all met at the lake at 1pm and drew numbers to see who fished where.  Luckily I took my trailer which has a canopy on its side, so we could at least get some cover from the downpours.
I managed to get some fantastic prizes donated from various tackle companies and we put together a ‘goodie bag’ of various floats, hooks line, bait etc, so everyone had something from the day. We gave the goodie bags out at the start, and some of the juniors used the tackle and bait during the match.
The fishing started at 2pm and we fished till 4pm, by which time we were all pretty much soaked to the skin.
The club had decided to donate £1 for every lb of fish caught during the match.
On a normal day, we’d have expected the juniors to catch a good few hundred pounds of fish or more, but unfortunately the wet and cold seemed to have sent the fish to sleep.
Saying that, there were some good catches, with one young lad called Archie catching 56 fish, but most were just small ones. The juniors ended up with total of 59lb 9oz all together.
Obviously the ultimate aim is to raise money for the K12 charity, so having spoken to the rest of the committee, we have decided to donate £250 from the clubs funds towards the charity.

Berko Biker Boys

The Berko Biker Boys Not to be outdone by his sister, Tom Stoker invited two of his friends from Berkhamsted to join him on a ten mile bicycle ride from Coalport to Bridgnorth and back.  Tom O’Reilly  and Evan Carter came to stay in Shropshire to support him on the ride, they got incredibly muddy and very wet in the morning, but it dried up over lunch and gave them a dry home run.

Between them they raised a fantastic 600 with gift aid.  Thank you boys

John Peers – another sporting achievement

Three castles walk

Walking the twenty miles of hilly south Herefordshire and Monmouthshire was quite a challenge. John Peers was not sure about the company of his dad and his archaeologist friend and the promise of light entertainment in the form of ‘lecturettes’ at each of White, Grosmont and Skenfrith Castles.But the company of his friend Phoenix and their dog helped!

Well done John – good work!


John Peers - 3 Castles Walk

Our second Tennis Tournament – July 24th 2016

On 1st August 2015 a group of children and parents organised a tennis tournament at the  Shrewsbury Club.  This would not have been possible without the generous sponsorship of the club, and indeed the support of too many adults to thank individually.  Three competitions were held – an under 10s, under 13s and under 16s and the weather held good for the first two and did not quite write off the third!  Despite increasingly persistent rain towards the end of the day, a great time was had by all.  Just over 100 children took part in the day, competing for prize money of 100 pounds for each competition!  and in entries, raffle etc. 2,997 was made with an additional 1,100 in sponsorship from FBC Manby Bowdler, Whitttingham Riddell and Brewin Dolphin.  Barclays match funded the 3,000 raised in entries so in all 7,000 was made for the Cavalier Centre.  Such a success that we are doing it again!
This year on 24th July with the same sponsors and the only change is that the under 16s has been stretched to include a few keen 17 and unders.  Entry forms are available on request – please get in touch.

Happy Christmas everyone

Hope all our supporters have a wonderful Christmas.

So many children have run, swam, walked etc etc for us; so many grown ups have stood in the rain, driven miles and of course parted with money — thank you everyone.

We will keep you posted early in the New Year with our updates.