An update – all going full steam ahead – and in big part, thanks to K12 Challengers.

The Cavalier Centre – the Bigger picture

The K12 challenge always set out to raise £100,000 to get the ball rolling for further fundraising and grant applications as well as providing the backbone for the planning application. Although there is more to raise to reach the £100,000 goal, the planning has now been granted – with the efforts of all the children to date being a significant factor in the decision – thank you all!

The campaign plan has been put together now to raise the rest of the funds and the dreams of a new riding school are beginning to look a reality. The appeal will officially launch on (they have just had to change the date so watch this space) and the aim is to spend 2 years fundraising and to start building in 2017.

There are 4 main streams of fundraising:-

1. the community campaign £100,000 made up of individual pledges,  christmas cards, charity of the year, coffee mornings, Dannys mud run etc. – over £10,000 so far

2. the business campaign £500,000 made up of 100 x £5,000(inc. gift aid)pledges from local businesses – the first few have committed.

3. K12 challenge – just over £60,000 so far!

4. the remainder through grant funding – we had a good meeting with Sport England last week -they were impressed with the K12challenge and we are highly optimistic about the bigger picture.

It has all been amazing and there are some great new challenges coming on to the website over the summer as well as the K12 tennis tournament on 1st August which is hopefully being match funded by Barclays bank.

But the bottom line is that without all of you it would not have been possible –  thank you.

More radio coverage for K12Challenge

Adam Green,from Radio Shropshire, has always supported K12Challenge, and last Thursday, he talked to Jane Barker, from the Perry RDA Group.

They started talking because there had been a suggestion that teenagers were lazy – and Jane, who knows all about the amazing challenges that you guys have been doing, was moved to ringing into the radio station to say “what  a load of rubbish – I know teenagers are brilliant and wonderful and energetic.”

So there!

Any ideas for next term?

I hope you are all having a great holidays – getting out and about and having fun.  Maybe you are swimming in the sea?  Visiting London?  Going on a plane somewhere hot?

Whatever it is, I hope that you and your families are having a lovely time.

Perhaps, you can spare a moment or two, to think of the families of disabled children, and disabled adults, for whom travelling beings with it, a list of difficulties to overcome.

You can make a difference to the lives, by raising money for the new Cavalier Centre.

Many challenges have taken place – not all our listed here, but the money is going up and up.  BUT, we need more children, and more groups to sign up and get involved.

Please let us know if you are interested, and we will do all we can to help.  We can talk to your teachers, scout leaders etc, and will try to support the actual event – whatever it is.

Thank you, and have a great rest of hols.


An invitation to all K12Challengers – at the Perry RDA Centre itself

Everyone who has been involved in any of the amazing Challenges is warmly invited to come along to the Perry Open Afternoon next
Sunday, 27th July. 1.30 – 4pm.

All Challengers entitled to free refreshments and free ride on the wonderful Horse Simulator.


Do take up this opportunity to see who you are raising money for – and meet the families.



A reminder as to who K12 are supporting this year – The Cavalier Centre

The Cavalier Centre, the new home for the Perry RDA Group,  will offer state-of-the-art facilities including indoor and outdoor arenas with dust free surfaces and galleried viewing. The Indoor arena will have a special mounting area and electric ramp for riders with disabilities.

Many of the Cavalier Centre Instructors will have specialist RDA qualifications in addition to being British Horse Society approved instructors. In addition all staff and volunteers who assist with lessons for riders with disabilities will receive training in how to understand and help people with disabilities to get the most out of their time in lessons.

All the Cavalier Centre horses and ponies will have been carefully chosen for their temperament, size and ability to work with disabled children and adults.

To learn more see

A recent testimonial from a father – pointing out the advantages of having a regular weekly session

Mark, a grateful father:

My comments would be that our Sunday morning horse riding, is an important part of Benjamin’s life, which provides him with both some variety in terms of the activities he can take part in, but also being on a weekly basis, provides a weekly routine which appeals to his autistic thought processes . The horse riding has been great for all of us, including grandad as we are obviously very limited in the group activities we can participate in as a family and it gives us great pleasure to see him interacting with your side walkers who are great with him.

We think it is amazing that so many young people are getting together to fund raise for the group through the K12 Challenge.  To have an indoor arena would obviously aid the situation by providing guaranteed riding and protect Benjamin from the elements.

News from Perry RDA

Guess what? More rain, wind and wet! Roll on the Cavalier Centre indoor arena! Tried to run Hippotherapy sessions earlier – poor wet and cold all of us! Cancelled halfway through the morning so 6 disappointed children!

Carried on with the vaulting (8) young people and did mechanical horse and proficiency test training. 8 Grade 1 Passes!

Well done everyone and especial thanks to Dan, Emily, Amy, Jake and Hannah for mucking in